Monday, March 26, 2007

Vehicular Karma...

Ours sucks.
We've had the very worst luck when it comes to vehicles.
Since last June...
Katie got in a wreck (she got rear-ended), we bought a car that lasted two days, then our van died (the secondary vehicle), then we bought another car...that lasted a few months before the electical went out (put it in the shop), I went to Seattle and of course, needed a vehicle (great car, drove it to Madison), the fixed car crapped out again electrically during the big freeze in January (it's dead now and needs to go in to the shop) and today...on the way home the good car, the volvo sputtered, smoked and died half a mile from home (it's now parked next to a mechanic's shop).

Tomorrow I'm going to walk and go get the car. See if I can get it started and possibly diagnose the issue, or limp it to a shop to get it looked at. Katie is hitching a ride with a friend from Black Earth (we live in Mount Horeb).

Wouldn't be so bad if I had a regular dayjob (I've been playing "artist" working on freelance illustration while interviewing around the Madison area). I thought I had a certain job in the I found out they took another applicant.

So anyhow, we may not make it to paint night tomorrow.
Thankfully Katie gets paid Friday, and I hope the State Income Tax return arrives soon.

It's been a crappy day.

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