Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Yeah...I've been extra busy lately. Little time or patience for miniatures; played only one game last month...and that was with Katie at Pegasus Games. Photos of that bout here.

My latest obsession is my Xbox 360 and a little game called Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat.
Got it a couple weeks ago and have spent an inordinate amount of time burning off aggression and work stress by shooting

I've even been recruited in to an online gaming clan: Xiled Gaming: Aft3rMath. I think what I like about the clan is that they are all about communication. Playing a multiplayer game with a team that doesn't communicate is too much like playing alone. I really like to talk with the team members, call out where the bad-guys are and where they are moving to, and coordinate our assault. That's probably the cornerstone of what I like best in multiplayer games.

Aside from communications, I'm easily the worst player on the team. The way I look at's important to train with the best...and these guys are all top-ranked players. I'm so used to PC gaming and keyboard/ mouse controls...that the controller is hard to use. I tend to be too aggressive with the controller and over-correct, slewing back and forth...unable to hit a target with out spraying and praying. I'm getting better daily.