Friday, February 19, 2010

Achtung!- Team-Preston Relocating to Washington!

In about 30-40 days Kay and I will be wheels up for Vancouver Washington. Kay has given her 30 days notice, landlord notified, truck rented.

I apologize for keeping this under my hat as long as I have; it has been a long month of discussions to try and come to the best decision. Deciding to leave Wisconsin has not been easy.

The reasoning behind this in many-fold (I rarely do anything for just one reason). There were a lot of directions we could go once our lease was up. Stay in WI, Florida, Virginia, TX...all valid options. Ultimately it came down to the simple question of which place feels like home.

With tax returns coming in as well as come contracts coming due, we needed to make a no-shit assessment of where we wanted to be. Buy a house. Settle down. While I have enjoyed Wisconsin and the friends I've made here, I don't want to buy a house here. Washington? We can think of several places we'd love to buy a house. That by itself was telling. We also needed to do something pretty quick.

I know myself. The tax return etc, if not used quickly and smartly will get pissed away on video games, dinners out, new shiny toys...and I'll have nothing to show for it. 2009 I claimed business start up costs as deductions...and I only get that once. I really needed to make this tax return count.

So, in 30 days I pick up a truck and load it and get on the road for Vancouver Washington.
Kay and I have moved back and forth between Madison and Vancouver a few times, so for some this is just the latest round of moves, for some not. It's going to be a busy month. Our social calendar is getting stripped down to nothing (we'll be packing and throwing stuff out). I have a lot of work to complete as well.

So this is our next adventure. Another 2200 mile cross-country jaunt. Jumping balls-first and hoping to land somewhere not sharp and pointy.

As always the usual means of communication for me will remain electronic, the website will stay the primary point of contact (as well as here, twitter, livejournal etc). We are still attending a variety of conventions etc. For MOST this move should be transparent.

Wish us luck, send prayers, mojo, warm fuzzy thoughts, etc.

Jeff Preston