Saturday, March 31, 2007

Better Tidings...

In lieu of posting news about vehicular karma, I'm going back to the important things...

Our hobbies!
Honestly, our hobbies...what we do for fun, how we choose to spend our time (opposed to how we generally must spend our time...working at a job we often loathe in order to exist) says volumes about who we really are.

So, currently on the workbench...

Army Rangers circa 1996 for a Modern Skirmish game I'd like to run. Tinkering with the idea of tweaking the Warhammer 40k ruleset to handle this.

25mm Gripping Beast Roman Auxila for Warhammer Ancients Battle. Also the first five bases of US Paratroops for Flames of War.

15mm Flames of War figs are freaking tiny. I'm used to 25mm figs. I have been tentative about painting the uniforms as I only have GW Paints, and even though there is a conversion guide for using Vallejo paints (or really, using GW paints instead of the preferred Vallejo paints) they don't match up, and I don't want to mess these up. The bases are largely done; once the figs are done, I'll add some static grass to finish it off.

25mm Spartans for Warhammer Ancients Battle.

25mm Roman Auxila, based and primed, ready for paint. Yup, more Warhammer Ancients Battle.

My wife is working on our Eldar force for the next 40k league. Dire Avengers this time.

Dire Avengers, my favorite Aspect Warriors. Katie is getting good. Photos like these are hard to fool, they show EVERYTHING and any imperfections are obvious. These look awesome in pictures...they'll rock on the table!

Here's a couple Exarchs we're tinkering with. Once the Dire Avengers are actually done, gems painted, decals, everything...they will be awesome!

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