Thursday, March 29, 2007

Use what you know...

When I write, or develop anything I tend to use folks I know as examples.

See if you guys recognize the following...

A portly and loyal Centurion.
A complicated, torn, egotistical black knight.
A conniving aristocrat with stunning looks and a heart as black as coal.
A scrawny rogue and scoundrel who couln't tell the truth if he wanted to.
An old warhorse mercenary whose nobility was seen and who became a knight and married well.
A salty seadog and raider who carved out a fiefdom for himself.
A beautiful scholar and adventurer who is loved by many, but trapped in a marriage to a bastard.
A smiling bandit whose charm is evident, and cold heart isn't.
A fragile agent who balances overwhelming responsiblities with madness.
A talented engineer buried under his obsessions.
A psyker witch who hides her talent so she can keep her job...helping untold numbers of citizens recover from the traumas of war.
A poet whose ego won't let him see that his desires simply won't sell.
A competing poet who is so focused on the competition he can't see his way free of the confines of his art.
And yet a third poet who is successful only through constantly whoring himself out, but burns himself out.
A grizzled veteran legionary who returns home to be stuck on garrison duty along the Rhine border when hordes of barbarians come flooding across when the river finally freezes over.

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Rubix said...

So, now I wanna hear the story...