Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Poem: Intersection by Elissa Carey


I took a detour along my path one day
Heard of a pleasant diversion
Took the why-not option
Found myself liking this road better
And took a right at the intersection

I've chatted with Mercury
Pleaded with Hecate
Even flashed Legba a leg
Conversations that led me on the road
Gave me glimpses of the Kerouac vision
And what lay beyond the intersection

In dreams and visions I've chased you
Through sunlight dapple and rainbow heat ripple
Under moonlight dazzle and starshine shimmer
Summer ice cream haze
Winter fireside laze
Felt you always just out of reach
A lane or two away
On the other side of the intersection

Came to the crossroads one night
Devil at the bottom of my glass
Left an offering, a piece of my soul
A sweet incense smoke of memory
The taste of rum on my lips
Bright-speaking your name, an incantation
An invitation
And shadow-spawned
You knelt before me
Under the lights of the intersection

When worlds collide like Venn diagrams
There is a moment:
"Will you?" "Yes."
"Can I?" "Come in."
A plot on a graph that begins a line
A value for x that traces the curve
A central kiss that opens the door
Between potential and immanent
Fingertip and handclasp
Word and deed
Thought and whisper
Leads to the alchemical exchange
Of pheromone and love
At the moment of our intersection.

Copyright 2007 Elissa Carey

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