Monday, April 2, 2007

My Miniatures Painting Workspace...

The shelves behind my workstation. Where I store most everything.

Lots of varied stages of repair. Most of these are assembled, primed and basecoated only (ready to USE...but not pretty to look at)

Jars of all kinds of goodies.

The boxes and blisters on the left are unassembled kits awaiting some TLC, the right is a stacker with primed and ready to paint figs.

More supplies, some terrain, misc bs.

Approximately 2/3 of my gaming books. This last year I sold off about three times this amount of gaming books. These are the "keepers".

More bins chock full of minis.

Minis I just stripped. Only broke a couple (which had been through this process once already).

Spartans and Athenians

The Hallowed Space

Spartans and Athenians

I ran out of swords for my romans, so I snipped off the spear tips of a bunch of High Elf spears I had left over. A little filing and they work nicely.

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