Monday, April 9, 2007


I started a MySpace account last November. I haven't used it much at all. It's so...commercial. Ads everywhere. Annoying flashing ads. That and it's full of spammers who try and friend you all the time for no apparent reason other than to get you to their porn site. I'll pass. I friended a dozen folks I know and updated a few times...but really...nothing of real value ever crossed the "page" so to speak.

I closed the account this weekend. Just no point in it.

Next is the Livejournal.
I do actually use it to keep track of friends/ make it easy to be kept track of. Unfortunately the signal to noise ratio sucks. My attention span is shrinking...I just have no interest in keeping up with a lot of these folks, and really don't care if they keep up with me. Not all of them. There are a few who I keep up with regularly. It's just that the vast bulk of it is inane bullshit I don't care about. Selfish? Probably.

I've been a paying member for a long time. LJ does have a lot of nice features: galleries, lots of userpics, which I like a lot. Blogger is very...bland in that respect.

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