Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Looking forward...

Illustration is cool and all, but at some time in the near future I'm going to have to cut it back to a part-time endeavor. I hate the idea of going back to an IT grind, but reality says it has to be.

As soon as we get the vehicle situation sorted out (two vehicles, both are broke-dick right now: one needs a head gasket and an additional $450...the other needs a starter VERY soon).

Gaming is at a screeching halt. I haven't played anything in at least a month or so. That was even a one-shot. I did have a demo game of Flames of War a week or so ago. Anyhow, I'm painting up minis for games I'll possibly play one day (Modern Skirmish figs, Rangers, Delta Force and a bunch of terrorists. Urban War Junkers Legionaries and Syntha (it's a hella cool game I got figs for on the mega cheap [seriously 60% to 70% off]). American Civil War 10mm figs.

Assembled a light tank platoon of Stuarts for Flames of War as it looks like a lot of folks are in to the heavy armored battles, and my light-weight 3/504th PIR is going to get steamrolled withoutat least some tank support.

I miss RPGs. I've played with some cool folks and all, but the depth simply wasn't there. Either it's a dungeon crawl beer and pizza game or it's an Indie game which I'll usually sit out. Seems the folks I've played with believe D&D or other similar systems can only be used for brainless games. I've had some stellar games with the D&D 3.5 system with plenty of depth, same with Savage Worlds and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

Thursday Katie and I are playing some Warhammer 40k at The Last Square, getting prepped for the next 40k League. She needs to bone up on the game and get used to her troops (Space Marines: Blood Ravens) and I need to get used to mine: Eldar.

Other than occasionally playing, we can't really do much else till the vehicle debacle is over. The cars are taking up most of our fundage right now, and we need to play it very cool over the next month or so to get out of this hole. Thankfully, gaming is a cheap hobby once you have all the minis/ rulebooks, etc.

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