Thursday, January 22, 2009

So my evenings and weekends are booked up...

July 5th 2005 I took a fall, flew ass-over-teakettle and landed on a upstanding sheet of heavy plywood across my lower spine, effectively folding me in half...backwards.
I grunted, groaned a bit and kept on doing what I was doing until after three months of "muscle pain" I actually went to a doctor (thanks to my wife's demands) and had an x-ray done.

Lo and behold...guess what? I broke my back. Fractured a vertibrae (L5) and pushed out three disks.
The bone was healed by then but the pain was largely due to the pressure on the tissue, a bit or nerve damage and inflamed disks.

I don't do much physical labor anymore. I don't do martial arts or SCA fighting anymore either. There's 18 years of vigorous physical activity down the tubes.

So what do I do?
Prior to being an Illustrator I was an IT Nerd, an Airborne Infantryman and an IT Nerd again. Since my injury it's been IT geekery and Illustration only. IE: sedentary.

The cold and wet of the winters really kill me. Like today, I'm largely frozen in-place, hobbling about on occasion.

I do get some physical activity. Aside from regular stretching and minor workouts I shovel snow in the winter and mow the lawn in summer.

Other than that?
I'm a gamer nerd.

We live in BFE. Half hour from the west side of Madison (well...30 min to the beltline) and with fuel prices and all that, we travel little.

So I end up a home-body most of he time. I work at home. A play at home.

What do I play?
Well, I have played several things on the Xbox 360. Call of Duty 4, Fable and Fable 2, stuff like that. It's okay.
I do tend to be more of a PC gamer.
Neverwinter Nights and NWN2 to get my D&D fix.
Dawn of War.

World of Warcraft.
I did play WoW 4 years ago, briefly. We moved 4-6 months after getting the game and we never reinstalled. Just another expense we could cut. We have played CoH/ CoV as well. I tested out DDO for a week or so when I was in Seattle.

Currently I'm largely on the Kilrogg Realm nights and weekends when I don't have deadlines pressing.
I'm clanned up with Liz Danforth and her Crusty Blades. Unbelieveably awesome people. Seriously. Coolest people I've gotten to play with ever. Bar none. Kay is playing too (though she does diversify her hobbies more than I do, crossstitching as much as WoW'ing.)

I have the following toons:

Feiltessa- Night Elf Hunter. She's my primary badass, DPS toon.
Malithe- Blood Elf Warlock. Entirely too much fun.
Aganazzar- Dranei Paladin. New toon for playing strictly with Kay.
Magdalyn- Human Priest. I've been soloing her and it's tough.

Kay has the following toons:
Caernn- Night Elf Warrior
McGann- Human Warrior
YoSafBridge- Blood Elf Rogue
Sookee- Dranei Mage


Cacologripher said...

Been reading bits of your blog. Lots of things stand out. The Airborne, IT specialist, Rocker, Illustrator. What Haven't you done?
Pretty Bad Ass.

Jeff said...

I have led a pretty adventuresome life. I was talking with my wife a couple weeks ago about this.

If I were to write out all my little weird adventures, jobs, things I've done and been a part of, nobody would believe it.

I'm one of those people who doesn't like the idea of regretting, wishing I had gotten out there and DONE something. I'll just do it, and if I fall on my face, well...that can be fun too.