Friday, January 30, 2009

Character Portraits

I’m going to be doing character portraits for individuals again.

A little extra income these days makes all the difference in the world. My hope is to sell a BUNCH of the $25 images, not so many of the more expensive ones. This may sound counter-intuitive, but really, I want to get my art out there, to anybody that wants art, not just the wealthy folks who can afford to drop $100+ on a D&D Character. The prices are approximate, based depending on complexity of the image.

This artwork is going to be for individuals, not publishers. When people order character portraits it is with the understanding that the work will be done but will never be published for any kind of profit (publishing scans on their website, blog, etc is totally cool…I just don’t want my work re-sold) For these images I am retaining full copyright and ownership of the image and all derivatives. Why? Because sometime down the road I may need to sell it to a publisher.

Per usual, the person making the request gets to be involved in the creative process. It’s their character, their idea. They’ll get to approve the thumbnail sketch before I move forward and do up the pencils, inks and later Photoshop.

When submitting requests for Art, have an idea of what is needed VISUALLY. The character sheet is all fine and good, but I need VISUAL cues:

Facing, posture, clothing, scars or tattoos, weapons, gestures, patches, and any kind of pose they are in.

Any references like pics from a movie, comic, anime/manga, game, from the internet or anywhere else…if you have em, they are a HUGE help in getting from your mind, to your words, to my mind, hand and on to the page.

Once I have all of these, I’ll crank out a thumbnail sketch. This is an approximation to get us on paper and at that point, the requester can help shift me more towards what they have in mind. This could take a couple tries.

Once we have an approved thumbnail sketch, I’m locked in and moving forward. Payment upon completion.

The whole process can take anywhere from 8 to 16 work hours from start to finish depending on complexity.

Example galleries: Local, Flickr, DeviantArt

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