Sunday, November 2, 2008

Reputation maintained!

I was able to get everything done on the previous deadline. It was a very near thing though.

The request came in and it was a last minute fill-in bit. I didn't have any direction at first so I started cranking out sketches, turned them in, and then not having any response, moved forward with the images.

As usual I worked on the most difficult one first and after 16 hours of struggling to get the image just right...found out that they didn't need that one, they already had an image for that subject.


So that time lost forever I flew forward and nailed down the other two images as well as last minute revisions. In the end I was victorious: the images turned out to their satisfaction and within the deadline.

Lessons learned:
Be extra careful when operating on last minute filler art.
Get an approved list of images before moving forward...not just "go ahead and do up some art that will work for it."
Regardless of the deadline, don't move forward on an image until it is approved by the editor.

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