Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A long way to go.

While Mr. Obama won the election, nothing is going to change overnight. Even when he's in office it'll take some time to see any results at all. Some seats are going to change. Some of the small shifts of power will allow some small changes to start happening, but it's not like the president has some magic switch to change the way things are.

In some states there was a fight regarding Gay Marriages. I think the poignant illuminator in these has been videos showing laws regarding marriages between interracial couples...just exchange the "interracial" parts to "same-gender" and you get a glimpse of what's wrong there. Thing is, it's 2008, almost 2009 and only NOW is a black man getting to the white house. Almost 45 years after the MLK/ Civil Rights movement. 45 YEARS. Changing things for everyone to be considered equal is going to take some time.

What is bothering me the most is reports from across the US of people being called out to as "nigger lover" or the hatred of people so focused on their ownership of guns. Like the Big Black Man is going to come by and take his guns away.

My favourite tongue-in-cheek response today:

A group of Black Panthers have arrived at my door and taken my infant son away to raise him as a Muslim Socialist Gay Communist. Just like I was told would happen!
(Also, they've raised my taxes so much that I've had to go back to exotic dancing to support myself, Castro has called to inform me that I'll be slaving on a Cuban sugar farm for three months out of the year, and I'm legally required to set any Bible I see on fire, and I've adopted the American flag as toilet paper, again as the law requires).

I have a lot of respect for Sen McCain's speech last night. It was very respectful and classy. This is the McCain I remember from a few years ago...before he sold his soul for the nomination. I was proud of him. It's too bad his constituents were boooing at the time.

Why is it Obama and the Dems cheered for McCain and yet McCain acted honorably and his constituents act like children? I don't get that.

It's been a long time coming. I'm glad the race is over, but man...we have a long road ahead.

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