Monday, November 24, 2008

I may have figured out a part of it...

The whole grognardia thing that is.
Extremism. Same as in politics or religion or really anything else. Folks seem to pick a view, a perspective and dive in behind in 110%, adopting that point of view, that set of rose-colored glasses and forsake all others.

What can be done about it?
Nothing. First off, I'm not one to try and change anyone.
In order to change someone that would mean that I'm somehow better or right...and they are somehow wrong or worse.
Now wouldn't that be arrogant?

Besides, it's not like extremists will listen to anyone outside their sect anyhow.

This seems to apply to gamers, politicians, republicans, democrats, every "clique" in humanity I expect.

I wonder how many folks DON'T fall in to this catagory. How many folks avoid getting sucked in to one point of view? How many folks take the time to stop and actually take a look (as much as one can) from someone else's rose-colored glasses, and actually, really...HONESTLY consider other POVs before diving back to their own?

There's just so many arrogant people out there. I can be arrogant as well, have no doubt. I do try to mitigate that. It's just that of all the people out there, there are so many static opinions. From people I have known and admired. Respected even. But I find over time that their opinionated commentary is so...static. They don't even consider other perspectives. Maybe it's because they have become a lightning rod of similarly-minded folks who have propped up that POV. My respect and admiration dwindles for these people.

What do I admire? Adaptability, people that stand behind their opinions BUT also keep an eye/ ear/ heart open for other opinions so when something better comes along, they can adapt.

At what point does our opinion become "truth"?
Do we tell the lie enough times that we start to really believe it?
Do we really fall prey to our own cult of personality?
How do we avoid that?

For my part, I constantly remind myself that I am just one man...and I'm no better and no worse than anyone else. We're all equally worthy/ worthless.

Sure...sometimes I DO consider myself enlightened...and then I smack myself up-side the head with the possibility that one of these extremists or one of these single POV people may be absolutely correct and I have hedged my bets for nothing.

What does that make me?

I don't know. I think I'd rather live with being that than an arrogant asshole riding roughshod over other people and their beliefs and opinions.


Eva said...

For my part I think it's important to respect the fact that wildly differing beliefs about how society should work can come from very small differences in what you believe about the world and the nature of people. It doesn't seem likely that you'll convince people to change something that they hold so pivotal to their core view of reality, but it's important to dig until you understand what the actual difference is. Then you have a chance of finding common ground where you previous had little to none.

I also think more than anything else people undervalue respect. Anger only serves to close doors and minds. If you're fighting, you should be fighting for something, not against, that just causes all sorts of badness.

I'm not going to make any crazy claims of enlightenment either, but I do try to listen first and speak second. At the very least, people deserve the right to have their say before you disagree...

Jeff said...

Wow. You hit on every cylinder. Well said.