Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So my contract ended and I'm unemployed again. I hate being in-between contracts. So in the meantime I'm painting minis like a madman.

Counted up and set up an armylist for the Pre-Heresy Ultramarines. 2760 Points so far.
Over halfway painted at this point. I think they are coming out nicely.

I'm also filling out my Blood Ravens Chapter. They were my first SM army, comprised at first with a box of hand me down bits with I cobbled together a 1500 point army list out of. Since then it's doubled in size (as well as paint quality).

I sold off all my Warhammer Fantasy Armies. Honestly, I never played. While the figs were cool and all...they gathered a lot of dust. The selling of these is what financed my Adeptus Astartes Buildup.

I'm building a battle board for the FLGS. Their terrain sucks and they need some help: so I'm making up terrain and a board for them.

Looking forward to 5th Edition 40k and loving Apocalypse so far.

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