Friday, May 30, 2008

Production Assistant...stay on target!

So I'm in a holding pattern for the Production Assistant position.
I'm still anxious. I hate the waiting. Not knowing what or who I'm up against (I have some ideas).

Things are tight around here. No expenditures right now...gotta be cool for a while. Really anxious to get a few payments I'm waiting on. I really need the money.

I'm stalled out on working on terrain for the moment. 4 days straight of doing terrain for the FLGS will do that to you. I used a metric fuck-ton of paint as well. I got a LOT done, and it all looks good: the store now has decent looking terrain instead of a bunch of broken primed-black crap.

I'm working on IG figs now. Vostroyans are based and getting primed (finally). Mordians are getting a USMC paint-job. Steel Legion dudes need a bit of touch up, and the Armored Company needs decals. Sounds like my weekend is all scheduled out!

Today, since I'm at home being a bum is housekeeping day! Every Friday I clean house and get everything in tip-top condition for when my wife gets home. I hate leaving any sort of a mess that she would have to deal with. This way, everything is done for the weekend, and the weekend can be just a hive of fun activities and gaming debauchery!

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