Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May en passant.

May is going by faster than ever.

I'm still anxiously awaiting word on the position at Big Rooster. This week they are getting the last of the applicants. I'm really putting all my eggs in this one basket. This may not be wise, but it's THE job I want. I don't know how to fully express this. My next follow up will be on Thursday (following up enough to impress upon them that I AM interested, without being a pest about it.

Re-Reading Dawn of War Ascension now. Unlike many I actually love the DoW series by C.S. Goto.

Got some good juicy info on the new SM codex. Things are looking positive. While many people revile Jervis Johnson, I like what he's doing for the hobby. I must be in the minority. I've spoken with JJ a couple times via email, and he's a nice fella.

I'm working on a couple gaming tables for the FLGS. The local players treat the terrain like shit. "It's not mine...so why should I care?" So I'm cleaning out all the terrain, salvaging what I can and trashing the rest. Granted, I can likely salvage all of it in one way or another. My "Saturday Minis Painting Gathering" will be taken up with working on terrain bitz while everyone else works on figs. Beckie can handle the rest of the folks while I deal with this.

It's a crying shame how people treat other people's property. Property that they graciously let people use for free.

My Blood Ravens army is getting a facelift: inked the whole mess of them with brown ink, and going to dull coat them today. Man, we did a really crappy job on them the first time around. This time they should come out more like this (which is still a WiP):

My latest ink:

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