Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jobs and Games...

I got a note from a buddy of mine at Big Rooster LLC. that they were looking for a Production Assistant. I of course sent a nice cover letter and resume. That would be one hella cool job to get.

Started converting (really repainting) an old Dark Angels Land Raider last night/ yesterday. It was pretty nicely done, but of course...the wrong color. So I did a couple base-coats of Red Gore to cover up the green, and started drybrushing Blood Red to bring up the highlights. This is gonna take a bit: this is the biggest model I've worked on so far (painting) and it's slow. Probably because it's mostly just a coverup.

Looking forward to GamesDay 2008 in Chicago. Not doing the Grand Tournament...not really a tourney player. But I am bringing a couple armies for open gaming. Hopefully get in a game of Apocalypse. That and I'm hoping to see some of my distant/ online friends there.

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