Friday, April 17, 2009

Wow...some artists...

Taking a break I opened reader and looked through some of what I've been missing (haven't been keeping up with my reading lately). Largely LPJ's blog and he had some notes regarding art and artists, which I immediately jumped on.

He's got some interesting ideas as far as marketing and sales of artistic product. I may be giving some a shot.

Another part was about how some artists charge a LOT for their art and others work just as well for far FAR less. Much of this strikes home for me because I *AM* one of those guys that'll do 20 quarter-pagers for $25 a pop rather than one cover for the same.
Does that make me retarded?

I think largely I like to work, stay busy and build long-term relationships with the folks I work with. I'm no dilettante. I'm a workin' stiff. Of course when my LT relationship people need those $500 covers...well I'm in a prime position to score the gig now aren't I?
Yeah...who's wearing the helmet now?

Told you there was a madness to my method.

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