Friday, April 10, 2009

Gonna be a busy weekend...

So the art direction is largely squared away. I totally Forrest Gump'd my way in to having the most stellar bullpen EVER! Serious, Knockspell Issue #2 is going to rock like eggs on toast. Art is already coming in and brother, I'm SO impressed. The Bar Has Been Raised! (actually, some of the guys doing art this time 'round are FAR better than I am so even with my "A" game I'm going to be hard pressed to measure up.)

So I have a couple other gigs I'm on that need some lovin'. Period historical stuff for Rogue Games' Colonial Gothic Revised (thumbs all submitted and approved). Need to get hot because my deadline is creeping up on me.

Learning skinning and the Wintermute engine for a SUPER SEKRET PROJEKT. Yeah, this is going to be a year of work and a whole game. Very stoked. Anything to broaden my experience, learn new things and improve my skillset.

That said, while I would like to get on Xbox Live or WoW, or a variety of other diversions...I'm going to be chained to the drawing board for the forseeable future. Well...until around May 1st at least. So if I'm a little absent from social circles...this is why. Oh the joys of self-employment!

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