Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Christian Bale and tirades...

Okay, so today's big news was about Christian Bale and his tirade at the Director of Photography for the new Terminator film. This all took place months ago but was in today's news and what everyone's talking about.

MY take?
Glad you asked.

Professionalism was brought up in the rant and I'd like to illuminate that here.
I completely understand Christian Bale's devotion to his profession. He is an artist. I'm an artist too.
I take my work extremely seriously. I work hard at it every day. It's my career. It's my life. It's not just what I do...it's who I am. I believe CB is one of the few true artists in Hollywood who takes this to heart.

I get that. I'm down with that. We're tracking on that level.

If someone were to walk in to my office, start dancing a jig while I'm working...I'd be distracted. I need to focus in order to do my job. Being an illustrator takes a lot of detail. Especially since I'm an old school Pen and Ink type. An inker. Otherwise known as a tracer. All detail and steady hand work. If someone were to come in and start fucking up my workplace, I'd get pissed.

I'd ask them to quit it. I'd talk to his boss. I'd talk to my wife. I would make the issue perfectly clear and in no uncertain terms. I'd maybe even storm out and go for a walk, have a cup of coffee. If it were bad enough I'd have a cigarette and I quit years ago.

I would not scream at anyone. Possibly, if really REALLY pissed...I'd possibly grit my teeth and tell them to fuck off and leave me alone as I walked away to fume in private. I'm not going to have a four-minute tirade berating someone. Talking down to them. Treating them like trash. Calling them names.

Because it's not professional.

If you can't deal with someone at the workplace, deal with it or leave. Talk to someone. Have them fired. Quit. Scream to the stars at night or in to your pillow. Whatever. Screaming like that reduces you to a petulant child.

I try and remember that this other person is likely a professional as well, and try and treat them with respect. Ok, so they haven't respected you. Does that mean you get to talk to them like they are a slave? Maybe they aren't a professional...they are still another human being.

I'm HUGE in to respect. Mutual respect. I treat others as I want to be treated.
When I'm treated in a manner I don't like, I'll remain respectful and try and resolve the issue.

I don't like bullies.

I've been in two separate branches of the service: I'll never be talked down to again. Nobody deserves that. Nobody.

Nobody deserves to be bullied.

*Update: CB made a public apology, and I'll take it at face value. I've made an ass of myself before. Who hasn't?

On my behalf verbal abuse is a hotspot for me and I'm sensitive to it. Maybe even over-sensitive. I shouldn't second-guess any situation I'm not in or second-guess other people's motives or actions.

This whole thing got under my skin.