Saturday, December 20, 2008

Update: 20 DEC 08

Okay, it's a working weekend!
(aren't they always when you're self-employed/ freelancing?)

I have maps to wrap up for Richard and the Rogues for Colonial Gothic. Due 12/28
2 more images for a magazine, due 12/21
27 images (just sketches) for Aaron for the card game, due 12/25
Hero Games/ Dragons I have 7 or so to do by 1/15
Catalyst, 10 SR4 images due 1/15 as well.

I've got a leg up on most of these or at least know what I'm doing.

Took a break, played some D&D last night. Nice! We're possibly reverting back to v3.5 or even AD&D 1E. WOW!
Maybe as a treat I'll run a bit of D&D 3.5 for Kay (Her Luskan Campaign). Failing that I can do some NWN2.

I'm pretty much snowed in it's not like I'm going anywhere.


Gamer Dude said...

You're serious? You've got a project due on the 25th? That's barbaric! ;-)

Good luck on your work.

So you've gone back to 3.5 for good then? Have you had to opportunity to take a look at Microlite20 yet? Pretty cool if you haven't...very light weight and quite a lot of fun to run. You can add as many of the 3.x gewgaws as you like in order to personalize to your tastes.

My situation sounds a bit different than yours though, so YMMV.

Jeff said...

For good? Certainly no. My "Baby" is 1st Ed AD&D as far as D&D goes. That fills my D&D niche, 3.5 is a compromise on my part).

I do love a wide variety of other games though: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Dark Heresy are faves. I enjoy some WoD/ nWoD also. I like the All Flesh Must Be Eaten system (Eden's Unisystem) as my "catch-all" game can be used for almost anything.

I love Stormbringer and Pendragon (and of course Call of Cthulhu)...the BRP system stuff.

My gaming tends to go through phases, and honestly D&D is always the default/ stand by game. It's where I started and where I always come back to.

I'm even in a 4E game now (which is a bit awkward, but the group is great and the GM runs it loosely so it's tolerable for my palette).

Microlite is a project for this weekend as I get time. Who know, I may shift over, sold hook-line & sinker.