Sunday, December 21, 2008


Usually I'm fairly stoic about the cold. Between the military and my upbringing...I can deal with cold temperatures pretty well.

Dude, it's frigging cold out there!

Add to this my own laziness has turned and bit me in the ass.

I got a snow-blower this summer from a neighbor who got a new one. It's a hand-me-down but it's operational (I hope. I haven't tested it)
So I've dragged ass about getting a full gas can and some two-cycle oil (yeah, it has to be mixed, which I've never done before).'s -8F outside, Windchill of -35, with a couple feet of snow on the ground. I've been shoveling lately because it's been powder-y and I need the exercise (I broke my back in 2003, and I've pretty much avoided physical labor ever since).

So now I'm buried at the house. I need to get off my ass and use the snow-blower. Unfortunately, I'm out of gas and oil. I need to drive to to go get some. The car is buried with snow and the driveway is completely covered. But I have a snow-blower! [loop back to the beginning]

Well CRAP!
So I went out and shoveled the driveway clear. My facial hair froze over like the dudes on National Geographic. It was kind of cool actually, albeit a bit painful.

Guess what!
Car won't start. Battery is crapping out, lugging over.
OKAY. I get it! I'm a lazy Mo-Fo who should have prepped this months ago. I got it. I learned the lesson. Thank you Karma. I see your point. I'll be good. You can stop pimp-slapping me upside the head now.

I have a jumper-Battery-thingy warming up. I'll get some gas and oil. I'm back inside and warmed back up. I need to get some work today, and maybe sneak in a couple hours of NWN2 tonight as a treat!

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