Thursday, October 11, 2007

I just got canned...

It's okay. I had sent an email to my supervisor regarding some issues I had with certain policies at work. Some things they were deciding were really bad. Okay, so it's an account management team, and the supervisor isn't involved AT ALL, and the five other people in the team have NO IT BACKGROUND AT-ALL...they've simply been with the company for 15-30 years (not making this up) to decide for themselves what policy is.

For example they decided that when accounts go inactive after 90 days, and people call in to log in, and they are locked simply have them re-register as new users instead of simply turning the account back on after calling them back to verify employment.

This requires them to re-register, create new user ids and then it comes through the system and whoever does "new user callbacks" (ME) calls and verifies employment.

Both ways require the same steps in employment verification. One requires the team to do it at the time, and the user is able to get on the system in as soon as a couple minutes. The other requires a whole lot more hassle, and pawning off the work on someone else (ME). Not to mention the creation of a LOT of extra accounts and a LOT of extra hassle as the user then has to wait at the least one business day, usually more to get online.

Policies are made by the old-timers awaiting Union Pensions who are simply lazy instead of by people who have a concern for customer service.

There's a dozen other things like this, but I won't go in to it. It's all similar.

The standard answer in this team is "no, we can't do that" even when they can, they just don't want to.

So I emailed my supe. I'm not in these meetings anyhow. I man the phones by myself for their two hour meetings, crushed and alone. No problem. I politely explained that coming from eight years of professional IT experience, there is a way these things are done, and a way they aren't done...and things are being handled badly.

I can't bring the issue to the team, they don't even talk to me. I'm the young kid and simply put...a temp.
My function there was simply to be there so they had coverage on the phones for meetings, coverage for vacations, coverage for all the crap they didn't want to do. No problem.

So I emailed the consulting firm and let them know that my contract is up in two weeks, and I'm not interested in extending it.

Today I worked through the day and got pulled in to a meeting.

They decided to let me go now.

So as of 4pm CST, I'm unemployed again.

I've got an interview in the morning and I didn't want to be there anyhow.
It's not a total loss. I'm glad to be free of such an unethical company.
I just feel like they stole my thunder.

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Charles Green said...

Damn dude.

You're having nothing but good luck, eh?