Sunday, October 28, 2007


Well...after a tough week, the wedding went off well. Levi and Sarah are married. It was a really long day. I got adopted by one of the groomsman's parents. Really awesome cool folks BTW.

Got pretty toasted at the rehearsal dinner. Folks forget that I really don't have a "filter" per se. I am pretty much who I am. I tend to avoid sugarcoating things and tend towards brutal honesty over political correctness (doesn't mean I'm a dick or anything, just that I say what's on my mind, regardless of popularity). I helped get everyone seated after an hour wait, and freebie appetizers and free beer. Everyone assumed I went and chewed someone out. Quite the contrary...I was very nice and asked if it would be possible to be compensated for the hour of lateness with some appetizers.
[* on a separate aside, you can tell a LOT about people from how they treat service personnel. I never see the need to be mean to people. Be nice to people and you'll usually get what you want...especially when you're a 6'6" beast like me ;). Seriously though, Be assertive, or be nice, but reading a waiter the riot act really never accomplishes anything but make YOU look like an asshole.]

Katie's sick with the funk. Cold/Flu stuff.

I need to sit down tonight and work on some art for a buddy of mine. I haven't had a moment's peace to do it until now. Katie's working on Tank Assembly...and I'm working on some Sci-Fi pulpy goodness.

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Ooh, sci-fi goodness!