Thursday, October 4, 2007

End of Days: Campaign Setting for Savage Worlds


2020- After decades of tension between the United States and the European Union over issues ranging from oil rights to war in the Balkans and political tampering in Africa, the United States is ejected from the United Nations and NATO. The US stands alone.

2021- An outbreak of the Avian Flu rips through Mexico City and within weeks hops the border to the US. Hundreds die in a month.

2022-Within six months outbreaks of the Avian Flu spread to every major metropolitan area on the planet. The virus mutates and in the first year the death rate is in the millions. The plague has returned.

2023- Various cures spring up in the US, UK and in the EU, but none are effective for more than alleviating symptoms. Riots and social breakdowns are rampant across the world. The military forces of every nation are used to maintain order. The Avian Flu subsides within a year.

2025- In the face of rumors of grievous civil rights violations in Africa, Asia as well as South America the forces of the North Atlantic Trade organization, including the newly readmitted US send military forces to help police the areas in direst need.

2026- In an act of unprecedented terrorism, dirty bombs go off in Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Athens, Moscow and Sydney…all the same day. This is called Black Monday.

2027- As nobody claimed the attack, western forces threatened violence against nations of the various Middle Eastern nations, and soon, military forces were engaged again in the deserts of the Mid-East. Seizing the oilfields of the Middle East as well as in Alaska, Canada and in the arctic, Terrorists trigger the largest single largest series of oil spills and explosions in history, jeopardizing the fossil fuel production for the entire world.

2027 to 2030- While the world warred over fossil fuels, the Avian Flue returned with a vengeance. Mutated, stronger and even more deadly, somehow altered by the effects of the “Dirty Bombs” earlier in the year…The Plague returned…with a vengeance.

The details of the next several years are sketchy at best.

The Mutated Bird Flu was devastating. The largest metropolitan centers were hit first and hit hardest. Hospitals, already crowded turned away the sick by the truckload and emergency services weren’t able to even put a dent in the vast numbers of the infirm.

Basic social services broke down world wide. Governments, unable to keep up with the sick, and breaking down internally from its own sick employees lost control. Chaos reigned. Soon there was nobody to contain the riots, nobody to keep the lights on, or process food, manufacture tools and the world simply ground to a halt as humanity fed on itself.

Fast forward a hundred years.

The great cities of the world are now overgrown and deserted by man.

Mankind itself nearly didn’t survive to this point, and may not survive the coming years either.

There are no central governments anymore, only scattered bands of humans struggling to survive in the wild.

The icons of the technological age are everywhere, broken, disused, and unable to get the parts or fuel needed to keep it running. This is a new Dark Age.

This is a Post Apocalyptic setting for the Savage Worlds System,

Mankind is recovering from the brink of extinction. Think of a cross between The Road Warrior and The Postman.

Most items are bartered though some areas use coinage. Paper money is all but worthless. Man survives in small colonies of farmers, ranchers and a small number of tradesmen. Soldiers and warriors protect and raid settlements.

Paths in to the wild are dangerous. Predators lurk: beasts as well as men.

Firearms are rare and prized. Ammunition is harder to come by.

Fossil-fueled vehicles are even rarer, there’s no more oil production or refineries. Most electrical production plants are beyond repair. Batteries are a highly valued commodity.

Cities can’t sustain life, no safe food, no clean water. They are often walled off dead-zones. Often places like these had nuclear reactors which have long since gone critical from lack of maintenance and support creating massive irradiated or poisoned areas and waterways.

Strange cults have sprung up all over. Some humans have begun showing strange almost supernatural abilities even beyond death.

Welcome to the End Times…

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