Monday, August 13, 2007

Tears of Pure Powergamer Rage...

...are flowing the world over in regards to the new Chaos Space Marine Codex. I can't help but laugh.

I think they did a good job in balancing the CSM codex, maybe a bit overboard even...even to the point of making things "generic". Now Daemonettes, Nurglings, Bloodletters, Horrors, Furies, etc...all the same thing. You can still use the models allright...but the statlines are the same: Lesser Daemons.

Same goes for Greater Daemons. Bloodthirsters, Lord of Change, etc...all the same.


You can still use your models and they are just fine, just toned down.

Weird thing is that Plague Marines, Berserkers, Thousand Sons and Noise Marines are available as troop choices for every army. Strange. So you can easily do an undivided force with a little of everything which doesn't seem very fluffy. Meh. Whatever.

Slaanesh got a big boost and the uber weapon and power.

Thousand Sons now have Bolters with AP3, and a 4+ invul save.

Nurgle is more or less the same, still solid.

Word Bearers are proper-fucked.

Black Legion is more or less the same, just gets the same toning down everyone does.

World Eaters are fine, and they get more Heavy and FA options.

Making "Legion" armies is going to be a matter of painting them up that way versus taking all the super over the top powered SC and tooled up daemons.

"And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth"

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