Friday, August 10, 2007

So last night...

...was 40k League night, and I gt to play Paul. Paul is a very experienced 40k player. He's good. He plays Death Guard, and he also is the guy who runs the League.

So we're playing in a swamp, and the end result was a Solid Victory for the Death Guard. No complaints, it was a good game, Paul was great. I played smart this time, and the die rolls were almost entirely in my favor (man...Paul got new dice and rolled unbelievably bad). End result, good game.

I had a good time.

Nobody brought up the flap from the forums and I was fine with that. I figured I'd just leave it alone. Let it go.

After the game, on the way home, I was thinking "maybe my concerns are unfounded."

My biggest concern; really what it all boils down to is that I worry about Katie playing these guys. Specifically Cole and Seth, but Josh and Tom are a concern as well. They aren't bad guys. Quite the contrary. I think they are great! It's just that in the game, they are total competitive bastards, and really, they'll likely crush Katie with no chance of her doing anything...and their conscience wouldn't bother them a bit. "Learn the game and get better" they'd say.

Thing is, I know Katie, and like a lot of newbies, if you crush them regularly, they'll give up and go do something else because they simply have no chance.

This isn't about me. Not at all.
I play knowing I'll lose. I don't care. No biggie, I'm still having fun. Katie isn't like that...and I'm protective.

So on the way home I'm thinking that maybe my worries are unfounded. Maybe it's alright. Maybe Seth and Cole are going to be cool and maybe not necessarily crush Katie. Maybe Josh would help her and recommend courses of action. Maybe Tom would be patient as she makes mistakes.

I went to bed with a positive outlook, and hope that maybe I was wrong.

This morning I got up and got an email saying that on the "Super Secret Forum" they were complaining about my post(s). I post too much and they don't want to hear my ideas.

I DO post a lot. I come up with a lot of ideas to toss around for discussion. I like group discussion and collaboration. I like tossing out ideas. Apparently some people take offense at that.

So much for that happy, warm fuzzy feeling.

Now I know people talk about me behind my back.

Some "friends" huh?

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