Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm Back!

The 'ague has passed and I'm back at work. Hopefully any reprocussions for my absence will be minor (playing catch-up on emails, and the like).

The past few days have been spent at home, doing nothing. Well...almost nothing: I did strip all my "extra" Space Marines (the ones not already in my Blood Ravens army list) and primed and basecoated them. The shoulder pads have been coated in a foundation color as close to white as possible, so the white going over the top of it should be flawless.

The next league match on the Thursday after next should be a suprise as I unveil the Iron Snakes Chapter. I have 4 tactical squads of 10 Astartes, 2 Assault Squads of 10, and a Venerable Dread and a Librarian leading the expedition. Every Squad, Brother Sergeant, The Librarian and the Dread are named appropriately. So far the unit is looking sharp!

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