Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Pretty stoked about the upcoming game. Got a truckload of players anxious to play, and I think it's going to be a hit!

I have a nice balance of PCs, I have a whole heaping bucketload of reference material and cool NPCs to work with, and a set of antagonists I can adjust to fit whatever the PCs decide to do.

The men are starting off in a small town on the Middenland/ Nordland border. A regiment has been assembled under a loyal Lord of the Empire to travel through the land, assemble troops through conscription, and march through Nordland and in to Ostland to recover lands lost during the Storm of Chaos.

They will find these lost villages and towns, fight any occupying forces and/or other beasties keeping the refugees from returning home. The taint of Chaos must be purged from the lands if evidence of such infiltration is many places will be put to the torch and cleansed.

Many of the conscripts are former convicts, peasants and mercenary thugs. In time the regiment will grow, but as each town and village is reclaimed in the name of The Emperor Karl Franz and Holy Sigmar, a small garrison will be left behind to help ensure law and order remain. Obviously the most disciplined and most trustworthy troops will be left behind, while the more unruly, wild and undisciplined troops will stay on in the Regiment until deemed appropriate for them to leave.

This is going to be fun. Boy have I got some surprises for them!

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