Thursday, July 12, 2007


So yeah...remiss...again.
Been working a bit, doing some fill-in IT work.
Starting to paint minis again, getting some work done on my Empire guys. I'm way out of practice.

I'm starting a WFRP game on Sundays this week. Gives me another reason to buy a few more minis to assemble and paint (like I really needed any). Picked up some Chaos Warriors just so I could have some bad guys for the game. Been reading up on Black Library/ Warhammer Fantasy novels lately. Enjoyed the hell out of the Konrad series and started on Tales from the Old World. Read the first story, of a Bretonnian Questing Knight. I accidently picked up Guardians of the Forest, and realized..."DUDE! This is the same character!". Very cool.

BTW, if you haven't seen the Transformers yet...drop what you are doing...step away from the computer and get to the theater...NOW. GO's really pretty goddam good. When Peter Cullen says "I am Optimus Prime" you'll likely pee a little. It's that cool.

I've become addicted to MySpace. Pathetic? Yes. It is.
Part of why I haven't posted here lately. I've been keeping this, MySpace and LiveJournal all updated and really, I'm doing a lousy job of it.

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