Sunday, September 23, 2007

"We're going on a Jedi"

What is "going on a Jedi"?
It means when you take off with no planning and "use the force" to get where you're going.

So yesterday I was up at 5am to get to Katz' place.
Got there and we tripped it out to Robin's place in Evansville.
Arriving first we talked some smack till Chad and Ray arrived.
Adam was a bit lost, and Robin "talked him in".

On the road we had a blast.

First off, you have to realize the interesting mix of personalities.
Ray, Chad, Myself, Katz...all pretty gregarious, sarcastic, and fairly witty. Adam chimes in with some brilliant jabs as well.
Robin of course is our solid straight man, being the driver and the most messed with.

Chaos ensues and everyone is in for a wild ride.

We hit Rockford and breakfast at The Machine Shed.
More hillarity ensues.

Afterward we realized we didn't have a map newer than 1993, and it was a state map only.
Oh, did I mention there was a Cubs game that day as well?

So we missed our exit, and drove WAY in to Chicago.
Ray was navigating, but we were all heckling him and Katz knew another way.
Eventually we get Robin in to the spirit of Chicago driving and we get off the freeway in to Chicago.
Driving cross-country we headed back towards where we were supposed to go, but there was no's an expressway.

The trip to the Battle Bunker took four and a half hours and a few hair-raising dives across three lands of traffic, screams of "OH GOD, OH GOD WE'RE GONNA DIE" and "YEEEHAW".

The Battle Bunker was packed. People playing inside on tables (beautiful tables BTW) as well as outside under the eaves on ad hoc tables.
It was a beautiful day and the battle bunker is in a sheltered eave. Great day to play outside actually.

The shop area was small, and constricted. Stock was fair, items double-pegged (multiple items per peg) and much of what we were looking for wasn't present. Forge World is behind the counter in boxes. We all looked through the Apocalypse book (OMGFWTFBBWSPQR it's awesome. Chaos players will laugh because it's got old codex info instead of new).

We piled up on our purchases, about $600 for everyone combined. I got BFG Space Marines for me and Dark Eldar for Katie (it's what she wanted).

Back in the van and off towards Weber Grill!
We were focused on food at this time so no distractions would lead us astray!

Weber Grill was easy to find (Schaumberg) and we got right in and seated.

Bread was first: a kind of pretzel Bread soft and tasty with a couple butters...cheese and plain whipped.

Steaks and ribs were next. Best steaks anywhere IMO. I had a Blackened Rib Eye that was super awesome (I get the same thing every time). Steaks were perfect. Average prices too! We gorged ourselves. Then we had some decadent desserts.

Making our way to the van we headed back north.

We stopped briefly in Rockford at a game store. Spendy.

We headed back to Evansville and home.

So much good chatting and socializing. I haven't laughed that hard in a year.

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