Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Orky Goodness from Warseer

These rumors are hot off the presses from Warseer. Original poster was Uberbeast. Current info places Codex:Orks as a January release.

-Yes, the choppa rule is gone. Just ebout every ork including bikers and kommandos get furious charge now though. Shoota boys, slugga boys, and 'ard boyz have been made into a single troop choice, and have dropped in points.

-The Warboss is the same cost, but has T5 and comes with some basic weapon in addition to a wide list of choices ala the new codex format. Taking a warboss allows you to take a unit of nobs as a troop choice instead of an elite choice You no longer need to have your army led by a warboss, Mekboy army 'ere we go!.

-Tank busta boyz have new models, always shoot at vehicles when they can see them, and have some wonderful upgrade options including a tankhammer which is a Str 10 two handed weapon in close combat. Squig bombs....?

-Deff koptas are a new option in the standard list now, count as jetbikes with hit and run special rule and can be given a wide range of weapons including a claw which counts as a powerfist and a one use bomb.

-Mega armour nobs and regular nobs each have their own elite entries now and can be taken independent of the warboss. Mega armored nobs have the slow and purposeful rule and have dropped in effective pointcost by 10 points.

-Killa kans have dropped in point cost while dreds and both units weapon options have gone up slightly.

-battle wagons have dropped in points have a ton of new weapon options including. Mini battle cannon anyone?

-many ork weapons have increased their ranges including the zzap gun with has added 12" to its range from last edition.

-Shokk attack gun is in with a great new model and a crazy misfire chart so don't roll doubles.

-Grots are still in the book so don't worry, the little green beasts are here to stay and they can still clear minefields but don't provide cover saves anymore. Squig hounds are still in as well.

-Nazdreg is gone, replaced with some freebooter pirate character with a nasty gun, and armor made of melted golden teeth. Also a wierdboy character with poisoned attacks and a goofy looking model with grots clinging to it.

-ork warbikes have lost their special rules allowing them to shoot as they go into combat.

-lootas and flash gitz are both in, flash gitz have some amazing weapons options including a painboy and cybork bodies.

-no clan rules.

UPDATE: here are a few more rumors to add to the list.

-You may now substitute the size of the mob for you leadership check becoming fearless if over 11 models strong.

-Waaagh: once per battle all infantry units get fleet of foot.

-No more mobbing up.

-Weirdboyz now have a random d6 roll every time they use a psychic power, and let me tell you some of them are fantastic if also very random. You can upgrade the weirdbos to a warphead to give him a chance to re-roll the power.also

-Stormboyz have gone down in price, but now you roll a d6 every time they jump and they take a casualty on a roll of 1.

-Taking a big mek as an HQ choice allows you to take a single dred as a troop choice

-burnas count as power weps in CC but get no special pen bonus against vehicles. You cannot fire the burna before CC if you want to use them as power weps.

-Kannons still exist. Grots now have a BS3 which helps when using the big gunz.

-There are six new guns in the list which includes two ord and a bunch of powerful above average strength weapons with random effects. Most of these weapons are restricted to specific units however, as are many of the original weapons from previous edition. Including the rumored str7 gun.

-Waaagh banners give +1 WS to all models in the unit

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