Friday, June 1, 2007

Updatey thing...

I've been remiss lately. Getting vehicles squared away, job hunting, etc.
Both vehix are operational again. This by the loosest definition of the word of course...but they do run.

I just started following the blog of SPC Milo Freeman. Good stuff.

My "last army buddy" was slated to go on terminal leave as of the middle of April, but a stop-loss came down days before his departure. Now he's roped in for a trip to NTC and a 3rd tour in Iraq. He's pissed. I'm pissed. He's a Staff Sergeant and has going on 11 years now. He's getting out before his green-card says "INDEF" for an ETS date. Once he's out I'm squaring him away with an LZ and a job to get him started on the civilian-side of life. I'm SO glad I got out.

Speaking of getting out, a week from today is my 8th Anniversary of my ETS. Can't believe it's been so long. 4 years as an Infantryman (aka: 11B20P or "Lawn-Mower-Man") was enough for me. Bosnia, Macedonia and Kosovo were enough of a "war" for me...and that was NOTHING in comparison to Iraq. I'm glad I'm done.

I hate the war in Iraq. I wasn't keen on the idea of Invasion in the first place, but since my friends were there, and it was to find WMDs and oust Saddam...I swallowed it and supported the boys. Now it's an occupation when we should have gotten the fuck out. I've lost 3 friends now including my old mentor, PLT SGT and BC 1SG Garza. Fucker died by falling out of a humvee when the driver swerved...getting mowed down by a truck. Poor bastard. You can't win an occupation, and the US Military is not a police force. Bush/Cheney are fucktards and our government is full of weak politicians who are out for themselves. It feels like the US is Rome circa 410 AD (look it up).

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