Friday, June 15, 2007

Illustration Issues...

My Illustrations are FLAT.

Looking over what I've got in my various online galleries...I'm seeing a trend: flat pics. Almost every one is from the same flat angle. A friend of mine, Leanne is a great artist when it comes to working from different angles. Well...she's great...period, but one of the things that sets a lot of her work off is the use of different "camera angles". Bird's eye view, worm's eye view...etc.

I've also found that some of my best work is done when I have photo references. I've used models a few times and the work has turned out way better than average. maybe it's that little edge or that slight adjustment back to reality (from comix-land) that makes them good or better.

Of course, the models I knew/ know are in Washington...and I'm in Wisconsin now.
Dude...tracking down people who would be interested in modelling is hard. First off, you have to be friends with them. I'm not a professional photographer, and I feel a little weird walking up to a well-built guy or girl and asking them to let me take pictures of them. Here, hold this squirt gun and I'm not a weirdo. Now stand this way...lemme move this light. Nope that didn't work...lemme try again. Lather rinse repeat. Kind of hard to ask of a complete stranger. Well...especially hard to ask of someone without them seeing you as some sort of psycho stalker guy who is just taking pictures for personal gratification.

Unfortunately most magazines don't have guys and girls doing action shots. Like kung fu girl with a shotgun or something. Not like I have a shotgun prop anyhow.

Add to that I can't really pay anything. Pretty much a copy of any art with them as a subject. Not very appealing for maybe an hour's worth of standing, posing...repeatedly until I get the shot right.

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