Thursday, October 16, 2008


It's 7am on Thursday and I need to get crackin'.
I didn't get much done yesterday. Between the headache of DOOM and farting around online making playlists: I didn't finish what I planned to.

Granted, My closest deadline is DECEMBER and I have to color one image yet...I'm not too worried about taking a day off here and there. I've done my self-pimping for the week already.

I DO need to crank out some self-promotion pieces. Finding the motivation for that sometimes is a bit harder than doing the dailies (my daily work on paid projects). Still...the work must be done. I have several pics that need to vanish from my portfolio. A lot of awesome stuff has been done recently...but I can't use them yet as they won't hit print for another month. CRAP!

Okay, I'm outy. Getting some coffee and getting to it.

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