Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting back on track...

So lately I've been working OT on playing artist. Illustrator. Concept Artist. Not really blogging here so much.

So my friends have been bugging me about Warmachine for a while. I resisted as well as any other immature guy does and eventually caved to peer pressure at GenCon. So for $50 I picked up Cygnar warjacks and warcasters. Two Lancers, One Charger, One Ironclad, One Hammersmith, One Sebastien Nemo, one Journeyman Warcaster...all with cards. (I already had a LT Alister Caine and CDR Coleman Stryker at home) I also picked up the Warmachine Prime-Remix book.

To be honest, the point where I decided to go for it was that the 40k Space Marine Spearhead is $244, and you can't even field an army with that. For that same money I can own every Cygnar model ever made, and for $50 I can field a Warmachine force.

So that being said, my guys are all assembled.
Now usually I'm a BIG advocate of plastic minis. Dude, they are so nice to assemble and convert! No drilling and pinning. plastic cement and you're done!

Warmachine figs are ALL METAL.

Fortunately, and this was a biggie, they are very well cast and designed. All the joints have big holes and plugs or well defined locations. No need for the most part to drill and pin (though I do sometimes just out of habit and it's a good practice anyhow.) The parts to be glued slide nicely together, often snugly so all you need is a drop of super-glue and you're done.

Based them up and primed them white (I want the colors to POP!) and am in the process of painting them now. Photographs to follow.

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