Monday, July 7, 2008


So I was interviewing with a local Video Game Company (we happen to have three in Madison Wisconsin) for a lowly Production Assistant position. An entry-level job.

After over a month of interviews and emails and waiting by the phone, the end result was being informed that I was grossly overqualified for such an entry level job, and that their final decision was to simply not hire anyone.


I even offered to work for almost minimum wage and on a limited term basis so they could be assured that I was the "right guy for them". I offered nights, weekends, PT/ FT, or as needed. It's a foot in the door and something I'd enjoy.

I'm the kind of guy who really cares far more about working in a place I enjoy, (having to spend the bulk of my life TBH) in a place I can be somewhat creative, not be bored, and somewhat enjoy. Compensation is extremely flexible. I don't ask for much. I have no illusions about being the driven hardcore careerist at this point.

I've done IT work because it's what I know, and it pays bills and pays for my games/ toys. It's not necessarily what I LOVE.

I've done freelance illustration in the gaming industry for years, but to be perfectly honest, it's a shitload of hustling to score a contract, and even then, the contract is a ton of work, for pathetic pay. On average 16 hours of work for approximately $35 of pay when it's all done. I'm an average 2D greyscale artist, with phenomenal work ethics and adherence to deadlines...that's what gets me by. Right now I'm not even doing that.

Now what am I going to do?
Looks like I'm going back to being an IT contractor.

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