Sunday, June 8, 2008

For the BOLS Challenge

75th Kalf Longrifles Regt.
Established as PDF Regiments, the Kalf Longrifles were reorganized for the Macharian Crusade by Lord Marshall Velx, Planetary Governor and Commander of the Armies of Kalf.

The verdant forest-world of Kalf has weathered a number of Eldar incursions, and the Longrifles Regiments are a testament to this.

After being recognized for their service in battle within the Segmentum Solar, they were appropriated by General Lysander of the 4th Army. Of the four Kalf regiments that fought in the Macharian Crusade under General Lysander, only one, the 75th survived the liberation of Jakart.

Light Infantry
Independent Commissars
Xeno-Fighters: Eldar

Preferred Heavy: Heavy Bolter
Preferred Special: Plasma gun

Cadian, Empire Handgunner, and IG Tanker bitz.

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