Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's 2008!

Nothing new going on. SSDD (same shit, different day). On new years eve we installed City Of Heroes (City of Heroin) and we've been playing somewhat regularly ever since. A little instant gratification and catharsis was exactly what the doctor ordered.

We've also backed away from our miniatures collecting/ painting hobby for a bit. It's expensive, and I'm a bit burned out. So we're taking a bit of time away from the hobby. It sucks when you just aren't interested in your hobby anymore, and we were getting there...just struggled to pick up a brush.

The Warhammer 40,000 Dark Heresy Book came and went so fast it made my head spin. Didn't get a copy.

Burned out on Facebook.
If you think about it, what exactly is the point of Facebook aside from simply wasting time on BS? I mean, it's all the parts of Livejournal that I avoided. In my quest for improving my Signal to Noise Ratio, Facebook took me on a 180'.

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twhitty said...

Amen to the Facebook comment. Hope you don't get sucked into City of Heroes too much though. I can't do the MM's as they suck up too much time for me and I sit at computer all day at work anyway.

Besides, you put in 200 hours on something like WoW and what do you end up with? A 70th level whatever that is just a whole lot of 0's. Put 200 hours in the miniatures hobby painting and building and now you have something to show!

That said, it is always good to step away awhile.