Sunday, November 11, 2007

What a day...

Met some cool folks for lunch. Embarrassed the hell out of myself by power-talking for 2 hours (see...this is what happens when we don't get normal human interaction on a regular basis: I talk at 90mph until people get weirded out by me. Go Team Preston!). It's not likely that these folks will ever call back. I imagine they are weirded out by us/ me.

So on the way home, picked up a set of White Lions of Chrace that was on clearance and headed home.

OH...and I hit my first deer on the way home. Car coming on the other side, so I got technically sideswiped by a deer. Saw him coming, but couldn't jerk the wheel or anything...focused on keeping the car even and going forward...and not putting us in the ditch or causing a head-on collision. The Volvo has a dented up door now. Great!

I'm gonna go paint some Inquisitorial Henchmen now.

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